Theah In the Balance

H1: Lost and Found

Their Parents having gone missing our heroes gather in the city of Dionna Vodacce at the Drunken Trout bar. Their reuinion was cut short by a spoiled nobleman Sergio Villanova who did not appreciate Thom’s singing. After a particularly bloody bar brawl our heroes found themselves on the run for the law.

They were sheltered by a dark and mysterious Courtesan named Franchesca Franco. A renegade fate wich on the run from the Villanova family herself she delivered a prophecy to the heroes sending them back to Alberto’s family house to find a scroll left by his father. A scroll that was the key to the mystery of their parent’s dissapearance and a mysterious Syrneth threat. “When the three are one Theah will burn,” she had read in the cards.

After spending a couple hours recouperating with Franchesca and her fellow courtesans the Heroes wend to the DeDominco house to discover it had been broken into. After hours scouring the city they finally found the theives in a dive bar in the docks district. A harrowing battle ensued and the Scroll was recovered. It had a cypher writen in Alberto’s farther’s handwriting written in the notes. The cypher was an Explorer’s Society code but to high level to be translated by Alberto so the party quickly booked passage on a ship headed for Avalon. Fleeing the twisted Villanova justice and embarking on their quest to uncover the mysteries of the scroll.



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